Concrete Countertops

Convincingly Imitate Other Natural Materials

Concrete vs. Granite


Concrete offers the greatest design flexibility of any solid surface.  In terms of appearance, there is simply no matching the colors and design flexibility of concrete.  Simply put, you can do anything with it.

Since concrete is poured into the countertop mold as a fluid, it can take on any shape at all.  From dramatic curves to embeds such as drain boards, sinks, trivets, and knife slots, the design process is limitless.


With granite, you are dealing with a natural stone.  While many colors of granite exist, you are bound by the laws of Mother Nature.  With concrete, the color choices are limitless.


Both granite and concrete, when properly maintained, are highly durable products that will stand up to nearly any activity.


We use a propriety method which applies a topical sealer that is cured with an ultraviolet light so regular maintenance is not required.


Concrete and granite countertops are comparable in terms of price.  While both are high end options, concrete allows the end user the ability to build a truly custom solution.