Concrete Countertops

Concrete is Easy to Maintain

Concrete Maintenance Schedule and Care Tips

Though extremely durable, UV Sealer is not indestructible and can be damaged.  By following these simple guidelines, you can achieve many years of use from your countertops without having to do a total recoat. 

Everyday Maintenance

It is recommended that you use a neutral cleaner to clean the concrete surface.  Wipe up food or other spills immediately with a soft cloth – especially acidic, alcohol-based or oil-based spills.  Never use abrasive cleaners, acidic cleaners, household dust treatment, oil soaps or furniture polish as these products may make the surface slick or soften the finish.  Never use vinegar or ammonia and water as a cleaning solution as they act as a stripper and will damage the finish.  Use a little bee’s wax or a carnauba-based wax (or a comparable countertop polish) periodically to help with the micro scratches that occur with everyday use.  Simply apply a light, tight coat and wait until it dries to a dull finish. Once dry, buff by hand with a clean, soft cloth.  Carnauba and bee’s wax are food safe and are not harmful if ingested.

Suggested Products

Most household products will not harm the finish (avoid the use of abrasive cleaners)
Soap and water
Simple green
Johnson Wax Professional Concentrated Citrus Neutral Cleaner 
SC Johnson Paste Wax
SCI Countertop Polish

Cautions and Limitations

Scratches can be avoided on countertops by utilizing wood, stone or manmade cutting boards.  Never cut directly on the concrete surface, as this will damage the finish and require repair.  Be aware that UV sealer, though highly resistant to heat, should never come into contact with a pot or pan directly off the stove.  Use the correct heat-resistant pads under these implements to keep from damaging the finish on your concrete counters.  

The best way to keep your concrete countertop looking its best is to understand its limitations.  If you follow these maintenance techniques and take proper care, you will enjoy your counters for many years.