Explore Our Concrete Surfaces

Explore our Concrete Surfaces

Play with the shape, texture, and color of concrete. 

*Samples should be considered as a representation only of the final product, as color variation, surface blemishes and pinholes are inherent characteristics of concrete.

We work with standard colors and a variety of different finishes to bring a range of natural tones to your concrete designs. 

Our colors are created using a blend of integral pigments and local raw ingredients, which combine during the mixing and curing process. This results in a natural variation and a unique quality to each and every piece. 

*Samples are produced in a controlled environment. Concrete color pigments and aggregates are natural products and may vary, as well as shape and distribution of aggregates in the final product. It is the responsibility of the client to understand and consider these variations in their decision and expectation. Any pinhole, voids or air pockets that occur during casting are filled. These may be also visible and may not be perfectly smooth to the touch. These variations should be expected and are not considered defects.

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