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Is concrete heavy?

Hard Topix uses a lightweight, high strength glass fiber reinforced concrete mix as opposed to standard driveway concrete. Our specialized concrete mix weighs approximately 10lbs per square foot at 1” thickness which is lighter than most granite, stone or quartz. Most standard cabinets will handle the weight with no issues.

Does concrete crack?

It is possible to get a hairline fracture or crack in the concrete. Overall, our concrete countertops do not fracture over time but we never say never as a small hairline fracture could happen for a variety of reasons. This is especially true for outdoor conditions. Concrete around fireplaces are also more susceptible to fracturing especially in the winder with wide temperature extremes. Hard Topix uses a high quality, high performance concrete mix design that greatly reduces the chance of fracturing. Keep in mind that should a hairline fracture occur, the concrete can be repaired and resealed if necessary to ensure continued performance. Hard Topix does not guarantee that hairline fractures will not occur.

Is concrete porous?

Yes, you may read this online and often times when a DIY guy or HGTV does a concrete countertop they neglect a very important step in the process, which is filling in any pinholes or air pocket voids that could occur in the casting process. Part of our process is to fill any natural porosity with a concrete slurry prior to sealing so by the time the counter is sealed it is virtually non-porous.

Does concrete require maintenance?

Our concrete is sealed with the best sealers the industry has to offer. Cleaning the concrete is easy, simply use a nonabrasive, neutral cleaner such as regular soap and water to clean the tops. As with most countertops, we recommend basic kitchen etiquette of using a cutting board for slicing and chopping as well as hot pads or trivets for hot pans directly from the stove or oven. Cutting and heat won’t hurt the concrete but it could damage or discolor the sealer. See our care sheet for more info.

Is concrete only for modern homes?

While concrete goes exceptionally well with modern designs, concrete is an artform and custom made. We handcraft all of our custom pieces in the perfect color and finish so it can fit any design style…not just modern. Check out our photo gallery to see all the different styles and applications concrete can be custom made for.

Why choose concrete?

Concrete is a truly custom product, hand-made by artisans from start to finish. Its color, texture and appearance can be tailored to suit your specific needs and your space. Concrete can fit any design style whether modern or traditional. This is not your average driveway concrete; it’s a highly specialized high performance mix that will stand up over time. Concrete countertops are beautiful, hand-crafted, practical pieces of art. Our goal at Hard Topix is to create concrete products that have a natural look, require little to no maintenance, and are tough enough for everyday use. Every piece we create is customized for the end user to make your home truly exceptional. Wondering how to get started?  Click on the Get in Touch Link at the top of the page.

What type of sink can I use with this product and who installs it?

Most any sink will work with Hard Topix countertops.  Typically we install most under mount sinks.  Farm sinks, vessel sinks and top mount sinks are typically installed by others.  Farm sinks MUST be installed prior to template and securely fastened before we arrive for  template.  If this is not done, we cannot get an accurate template and an additional trip charge may apply if we have to return at a later time.  Hard Topix is not responsible for hooking up water lines and faucet connections, these should be done by a certified plumber.  We require all sinks and faucets to be onsite at template so we can make sure everything will work properly at install.

What is the maximum length and overhang for your concrete countertops?

Typically we can overhang our countertops 12″which is an average industry standard. Larger overhangs are possible but will require additional supports.  Hard Topix can manufacture large pieces to but there are factors that could affect this including weight, shape and thickness of the piece.  Any single piece exceeding 120″x 60″or 144″x 60″are considered oversized pieces and could increase our standard pricing.

Will my concrete countertop scratch?

Avoid dragging sharp, hard objects across the concrete surface to prevent scratching. Micro scratching and minor white scratches should be expected throughout the piece from use over time. Place tabs on the bottom of any ceramic or other dishware to prevent additional scratching when sliding these items across the surface. Applying Maquire’s Quik wax every now and then can fill in minor scratches and give your pieces a nice clean sheen. How often you have to reseal will depend on how it is used and the extent of the wear.  You may need to reseal your countertops after a few years or you could go much longer before it has to be resealed.  Resealing is often a fairly quick process and often requires only 1 or 2 trips.  A service charge will apply for resealing.

Can I place hot pots or pans on my concrete countertop?

Avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on your concrete surface. Concrete is very heat resistant, but the concern is damaging or discoloring the sealer. Use a trivet or a hot pad for items directly from the oven or stove.

Can I cut on my concrete countertop?

Do not cut directly on your concrete surface. It won’t damage the concrete, but it might damage the sealer, which protects the concrete from staining. Always use a cutting board when cutting and preparing foods. Cutting on the concrete could also damage your knife!

How do I clean my concrete?

We recommend using a neutral cleaner to clean the concrete surface. Never use abrasive soaps, cleansers, or scrubbing pads as they can etch the sealer and make the surface slick or soften the finish. Avoid using cleaners with ammonia, citric acid, vinegar or bleach. Mild soap and water, Lysol All Purpose®, Simple Green®, Fantastic®, 409®, Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Spray® and Seventh Generation All Purpose® are safe cleaners to use on your concrete surfaces.

What does a concrete countertop weigh?

Hard Topix uses a high strength, light weight, high performance concrete mix. At 1" thick, one square foot weighs approximately 10 lbs. The weight is fractionally less than granite, quartz and other stone surfaces at the same thickness. Most all cabinets should support the countertop weight without any issues.

How thick are concrete countertops?

Hard Topix has a standard indoor countertop thickness of 1 3/4" and 2" for outdoor. Any thickness beyond 2" is possible but is most often achieved with building up the concrete walls and hollowing out the center of the counter also known as a drop down face. This gives the concrete the appearance of the desired thickness, yet still maintain weight and size within desirable limits. Let us know what you are thinking and we'll let you know if it is possible!

Does the color vary?

Hard Topix formulates the mix and colors the same way every time ensuring the highest possible consistency in color. However, since the product is handmade, color and texture may vary. This is part of the uniqueness of concrete which is what makes each piece unique from its counterparts and individual to the client’s application.

Will my concrete stain?

Our sealers are some of the best in the industry but it is recommended to wipe off spills from anything acidic or harsh as soon as they happen (i.e. lemon or lime juice, vinegar, makeup, ammonia, nail polish remover, mustard, wine, perfumes, etc.). These substances may "etch" the sealer leaving a light hazing and if left long enough could leave the concrete susceptible to staining. We have done testing on many items but there are of course other products that could damage the sealer so please use standard precaution to keep the concrete protected.

Where can concrete be used?

Hard Topix has a long history of creating high quality countertops, sinks, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, desks, table tops, outdoor cooktops and much more. These are just a few of the applications where concrete can be used but the possibilities are almost endless.

Are all concrete counter tops the same?

Definitely not. Hard Topix products have been custom formulated from years of research by some of the top experts in the nation. They have micro fibers and polymer additives that make them harder, stronger and facilitate smoother castings with fewer voids. This is not the concrete you see on TV. The process is carefully controlled for strength in curing, and consistency. The sealers have been selected from the finest available for their penetration, adhesion and durability characteristics.

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Is concrete heavy?
Does concrete crack?
Is concrete porous?
Does concrete require maintenance?
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