Product Information

About our concrete

  • Hard Topix products are all custom hand crafted in the USA by our talented skilled artisans.
  • All of our products are molded - not cut from slabs like other products. Because concrete is cast in a liquid form, it offers great versatility in producing any shape, pattern or design.
  • Each project is either templated and installed locally or built to spec and shipped nationally.
  • Each piece is inspected and goes through a quality control check before it leaves our shop.
  • Hard Topix concrete GFRC mix is a high performance, glass fiber reinforced mix that includes super water reducers, glass fiber reinforcement, pozzolanic material and mix additives to increase the strength of our concrete.
  • Concrete comprehensive strength is 8,000 - 10,000 PSI.
  • Hard Topix concrete is non-combustible.
  • We seal all of our indoor concrete with 3 coats of an industrial/commercial grade reactive sealer that is VOC compliant.
  • Hard Topix specializes in countertops, table tops, fireplace surrounds, sinks/vanity tops, wall claddings, retail displays and other custom products.
  • One square foot of our concrete at 1" thick = 10lbs.
  • Most of our products are finished using a 1/4" radius.

Concrete Variation

Why does concrete show variation on the surface and edges?

Concrete is like no other material in the world. It's uniqueness and genuine authenticity are a big reason why so many people are drawn to it.

What makes concrete so real is the fact that it's not always perfect. Hard Topix prides itself on completing thousands of projects around the United States over the last 15 years but not amount of experience or expertise can prevent the beautiful imperfectness of the material. We have very strict, controlled processes that we go through in crafting our concrete pieces but concrete will still exhibit random variations in color, texture and subtle voids which give it it's character. There are many reasons for this and one is due to the inherent nature of how the concrete is made.

When concrete is curing, many reactions are taking place that affect the surface of the concrete. These inherent properties of the material share the story of how your piece was created and no two pieces are ever the same. If the variation on the concrete didn't exist, then the concrete wouldn't be what it truly is, handmade.

Hard Topix has the highest level of quality control in our systems and processes, we batch and weigh our concrete ingredients to the 100th of a gram and are committed to casting the best concrete products in the industry.

Below photos demonstrate the variation you may see on your piece which are completely acceptable in our industry. If you aren't comfortable with the fact that concrete is not perfect then maybe it's not the right fit for you.