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Meet the Makers

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula for great concrete.

About Us

We fell in love with concrete long before we opened the Hard Topix doors in 2008. In fact, you could say we're a little obsessed. What's so great about concrete? We're glad you asked. For starters, our materials come from local sources, and all of our waste is recycled. We take dust from our backyard and turn it into functional art. Second, it's strong enough to stand the test of time. With simple, basic care, our concrete pieces are in it for the long haul. Most importantly, concrete is the most versatile material ever created. The sky's the limit when it comes to design, and we thrive when we're bringing new visions to life. As a crew of artisans with unique talents, we love that no two pieces come out looking exactly alike. Every project has a story, and we'd love to tell yours.

Our Mission

We make it our goal to deliver the best product we can craft, no exceptions to quality. Each and every one of us are resolved to work hard to accomplish that perfect idea you have for your project and make your dream a reality.

Our process may be a little messy, but to create an exceptional product you must jump right in and get dirty! Take a look behind the scenes to see how Hard Topix makes our signature concrete.